ZWOOKY for Android is available !

ZWOOKY is available since April 2015  on Google Play for free. You have the same functionality as with the html5 version.

  • send as a ZWOOKY user a ZWOOKY message or email to another ZWOOKY
  • send as a non ZWOOKY user a message to a ZWOOKY user
  • Checkout our sample pictures and video
  • again, ZWOOKY is not a communication system as others, you will get the message in your mailbox and you may answer directly with your standard mail program
  • to register for a ZWOOKY you have to use the desktop version at the moment

android_320x640_home android_320x640_sample_luggage android_320x640_send_unregistred 55_1242x2208_sample_send-filled-out

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