ZWOOKY referral with mobile version of ZWOOKY

Share ZWOOKY with the share-button from the startup-screen of ZWOOKY. Send a ZWOOKY-message to your friend or share it with your friends at twitter, FB or whatever you like.

You’ll get for every new ZWOOKY which use your referral-link some free messages. Sign up now and share your link. You can use the link as often you like even if you never will get the same twice.

Screenshot 2 is a sample of the message you may send. 3 a successful sent message.

Screenshot 4 is the copy of your message in your inbox you have sent to your friend. They’ll only get your ZWOOKY and not your mailaddress.

Screenshot 5 shows the loginscreen from your friend. He will only see your ZWOOKY (referrer).

ZWOOKY screen wth message to an emailZWOOKY Screenshot with activ loginZWOOKY copy of sent messageZWOOKY successful sent messageZWOOKY login screen with referral on the bottom

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