ZWOOKY, Europe’s premiere social-privacy solution and anonymous messaging service

ZWOOKY has announced today the release of the ZWOOKY mobile app for everybody.

This next-generation platform is empowering people with secure messaging capabilities that enable communication without identification. Anonymity is the beauty of ZWOOKY. And now, this privacy solution is available to mobile users all over the world.

ZWOOKY is a unique X-digit code assigned to each user that allows them to interact with other people online and avoid disclosing any personal identifying information. The ZWOOKY code replaces the user’s email address so they can communicate on their own terms without violating their zone of comfort.

This ZWOOKY code can also be used to label valuable possessions, ensuring their safe and anonymous return should they get lost. Only ZWOOKY offers this winning combination of next-gen privacy management and everyday lifestyle convenience.

Whether you are screening potential romantic partners, vetting prospective business associates, seeking the secure return of lost-and-found possessions or weary of creeping data thieves, ZWOOKY presents the optimal privacy solution.

We live in an age of data theft, government surveillance scandals and the prying eyes of every stranger into our hyperlinked digital lives. ZWOOKY returns the power of privacy to the user and citizen alike. Unlike other messaging services and social platforms, ZWOOKY doesn’t store data, so users don’t have to worry about their information being sold to advertisers.

Share only what you wish to share, and only disclose the essential – that is the ZWOOKY privacy philosophy, a disruptive force for good in our digitally overexposed world.

Founded by Swiss entrepreneurs, Thomas Stoll and Carlos Dennis in July of 2014, ZWOOKY is the culmination of several months the duo spent toiling and innovating to perfect their service. Stoll and Dennis recognized a weakness in the market and found a worthy cause in restoring security to online communication.

The reality is that the digital landscape has become too intrusive. Luckily, ZWOOKY is here to make our virtual world safer and more civilized.

Further details about ZWOOKY are available at .

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