Privacy to the People: ZWOOKY Restores Trust in an Era of Digital Insecurity

This morning, Discovery Channel viewer curiosities might have been piqued by the app review segment on NewsWatch, which covered an enigmatic new app called ZWOOKY.

Invented in Switzerland, ZWOOKY is a disruptive privacy solution, which enables human communication without revealing personal identifying information. And ZWOOKY is beginning to make a noticeable impact on the tech world, as Appwatch host Joe Toohey exclaimed during his review that ZWOOKY is an elemental idea with “infinite possibilities”.

ZWOOKY empowers each user with a unique X-digit code, which replaces their email or phone number. This technology is ideal for random, or casual, introduction scenarios between people, where continued interaction is desired, but mutual trust has not been fully established. ZWOOKY bridges the disconnection of the digital age, enabling human dialogue to evolve within a secure context.

Additionally, ZWOOKY codes have a wearable-tech component, as these private keys can be used to label valuable possessions. By labeling possessions and personal items of value, ZWOOKY users strategically ensure the secure and anonymous return of their items in the event of misplacement or loss.

Only ZWOOKY offers this disruptive combination of next-gen privacy management, wearable-tech and everyday lifestyle convenience. ZWOOKY empowers people looking to screen potential romantic partners, vet prospective business colleagues, secure the return of lost-and-found possessions or protect themselves from creeping data intruders.

We live in an era of cybercrime, spy agency surveillance scandals, nosy online advertisers and the prying eyes of every stranger into our hyper-connected digital lives. ZWOOKY returns the power of privacy to the people. Also, unlike other messaging services, ZWOOKY doesn’t store data, so users don’t have to worry about their info being exploited for dubious purposes.

Share only what you want and keep the distance that best suits your comfort level– that is the ZWOOKY privacy philosophy; a disruptive force for security in our digitally insecure world.

Founded by Swiss entrepreneurs, Thomas Stoll and Carlos Dennis in July of 2014, ZWOOKY is the culmination of several months of toiling the duo spent to perfect their social-anonymity solution. Recently, Stoll has assumed the role of chief executive officer and manages the majority of ZWOOKY operations.

In this post-digital world, online communication platforms have become far too intrusive. Fortunately, ZWOOKY is here to make our virtual world safer, more civilized and, most importantly, people-centric.

For more details about ZWOOKY, please visit or ZWOOKY’s Youtube page. Click on the hyperlink to see Joe’s ZWOOKY review

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