ZWOOKY for companies

The guarantee for successful advertising

  • Sustainable placement of your brand
    ZWOOKY complements your brand perfectly and is more sustainable than other promotional items.
  • Day-to-day contact with your company
    Your brand can be placed on the most important everyday items such as keys, bags, mobile phone, notebook etc. ZWOOKY remains discreet in the background.
  • Positive effect for the company’s image
    Through the use of ZWOOKY and the possibility of anonymous contact, you not only convey security but live it yourself.
  • Promotional items from ZWOOKY
    ZWOOKY does not in any way restrict the use of your own channels for marketing advertisements. In order to make your customers happy with “prepaid” ZWOOKY-ID’s, they need only a list of reserved ZWOOKY-ID’s and the associated activation codes.

List with ZWOOKY id’s and activation code is provided in a csv format to you.prepaid ZWOOKY ID's with activation Code






Form to generate prepaid ZWOOKY ID's with activation Code.Easy generation and calculation of ZWOOKY ID’s with up to 100’000 of ZWOOKY’s in one CSV.


Create your own advertising materials and enjoy the freedom to decide about the quality of your marketing articles. ZWOOKY is best suited to protect high-quality products against loss.

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