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1980 and today

Flying cars haven't been invented yet. Hoverboards don't exist, sadly.
But we literally have a small device with us in our pockets that can tell us the answers to pretty much any question.
If you meet someone, and even just catch their full name, there's a good chance you can find out everything about them in about five seconds.
What city they live in, where they work, who their friends and relatives are, what their favorite sports team is, etc.

In the 1980s, this would have been unthinkable. In the 1990s, to do something like this, you needed to be some sort of high-level computer hacker.

Pizza in Tromsø

Nowadays, you just need a smartphone.
Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn etc. have fully unlocked information that at one point was private. Sometimes intensely so. You can't help doing it sometimes. You see a new restaurant? If it's been open for a day, there are probably pages of reviews on it.

Sometimes this is good. Using the previous example, I was able to find some great pizza in Tromsø, Norway recently...a place not really known for Italian food.

Pizza in Tromsø
zwooky unique address

ZWOOKY's unique address

However, there are many people who wish to take back some of their privacy.

Some people, when they meet someone new, don't want to be Googled and analyzed and have their followers counted. Some people don't enjoy the idea of their name just sitting on a piece of luggage, usually next to an address that also until recently was a very private fact. Some people only want to open up their life to a certain few, friends and family, but not the entire world.

ZWOOKY is for those people. You can get a basic ZWOOKY code for free at Once you have a ZWOOKY code address, it's yours for free, for life.

relishing privacy

Remember, ZWOOKY is not just digital. It's also analogue. It's literally an anonymous address. Just like how people write their address on various pieces of outgoing postal don't need a phone or a computer to use ZWOOKY. People are already making stickers, making business cards, even knitting sweaters with ZWOOKY address codes on them. Pets are walking around with ZWOOKY codes on their collars. Unlike others solutions, which track devices/people with bluetooth, GPS, or other solutions that require computers and phones...ZWOOKY doesn't track you. It flies under the radar. Speaking of movement, people are driving around right now with ZWOOKY codes on their license plates...and most people don't even know it. That's the other thing about ZWOOKY; it's sort of an anonymous fraternity of sorts. If you don't know what ZWOOKY is, and you see a keychain, hat, or t-shirt with a ZWOOKY code on it, unless you know about the system, you won't recognize the code. However, ZWOOKY isn't just about being secret. In practice, ZWOOKY is as much about being social as it is about relishing privacy. If you see a ZWOOKY code on someone's keychain or bag or anything, you as the holder of a ZWOOKY code can message that person, anonymously, using your own ZWOOKY code. ZWOOKY ends up in this case sort of being its own rather exclusive social network.

ZWOOKY digital and analogue, relishing privacy, keychain, luggage tag
ZWOOKY towel, private network, master database

ZWOOKY is a private network

Celebrities and CEO's aren't just the only people who want privacy.
The main difference between this and other social networks is there's no public ''master database'' of users. You can't ''flip through'' ZWOOKY like you can with Facebook or Twitter or the other social networks. This way, unlike every other social network, ZWOOKY stays private. The only information you let out is information you want that one other person to have.

This is what makes ZWOOKY unique: it's digital and virtual, yet unlike the social networks, it's intensely private.

ZWOOKY prevents spam

You can of course personalize your ZWOOKY code by upgrading to their VIP-level membership. Basically, the VIP level lets you personalize your code to any available combination of letters and numbers, and unlocks a few other interesting features of the service. With a free code, you're allowed four free messages on the system, and after that they are sold in bundles of 10 messages for the cost of 1 Swiss Franc. When you upgrade to VIP membership, you'll get 20% of the price as free messages. Having a nominal cost for messages keeps spammers and advertisements OFF the service.

This doesn't sound like such a perk, but after a few weeks of living without these distractions in our advertising & junk-mail-filled world is refreshing.

ZWOOKY 3D printed pendant, prevents spam, vip membership
sometimes less is more. ZWOOKY

ZWOOKY - less is more

However, ZWOOKY will always be free, and always be as anonymous as you want it to be. This is ZWOOKY. It's not a social network, it's a private network. In a world that is increasingly swimming in information and public knowledge, ZWOOKY is a community centered around tuning out the static.

Sometimes less is more.

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